YOYOSO Ecuador Quito Store
  YOYOSO, the aesthetic lifestyle designer brand, ......
  On October 25, 2019, YOYOSO's 25th Yiwu Inte......
  From October 23 to October 27, 2019, YOYOSO'......
  On Sept. 5th , 2019, YOYOSO Brand Launch Confere......
  YOYOSO opened a grand store in Bangalore RMZ Gal......
  YOYOSO, the aesthetic lifestyle designer brand, ......
  On August 31st, 2019, YOYOSO opened the Benoni s......
  On August 29, 2019, YOYOSO Durbarmarg store in N......
  On August 27, 2019, the Bryanston store of the a......
  On August 16, 2019, YOYOSO, an aesthetic lifesty......
  On August 18, 2019, during the weekend activity,......
  On July 27, 2019, YOYOSO has made a complete suc......
  On July 25, 2019, the 113th China Daily-use Arti......
  Recently, the aesthetic life designer brand YOYO......
  In June 2019, the aesthetic life designer brand ......
  On June 5th, 2019, YOYOSO Budapest store in Hung......
With the expansion of its influence as a leisure d......
December 25, 2017 witnessed the grand opening of Y......
On September 27, 2017, the grand opening of YOYOSO......
July 15, 2017 saw the grand opening of YOYOSO Las ......
Congratulations to YOYOSO Malaysia Store on i......
On September 30, 2017, YOYOSO Ayala Malls Flagship......
The grand opening of YOYOSO Vietnam Flagship Store......
May 1 witnessed the unprecedented grand opening of......
Congratulations to YOYOSO on entering Brunei marke......
YOYOSO’s fast fashion department stores have devel......
YOYOSO Ecuador Quito Store
-NEWS2019/12/31 04:07:18
YOYOSO France Reunion Island Store
-NEWS2019/12/31 04:04:10
YOYOSO New Lynn Store in New Zealand Opened Successfully!
-NEWS2019/11/30 04:44:50
YOYOSO's 25th Yiwu International Commodities (Standard) Fair was perfectly ended!
-NEWS2019/11/30 04:43:28
YOYOSO's 126th Canton Fair was a complete success with frequent good news!
-NEWS2019/10/29 03:27:44
YOYOSO and Saudi Arabia reached a strategic cooperation,   Which promotes the booming trade in the Middle East!
-NEWS2019/10/11 01:18:39
YOYOSO India Market Set Sail with Strong Momentum!
-NEWS2019/09/12 02:46:32
YOYOSO India Bangalore RMZ Gallerta Store Opened Successfully!
-NEWS2019/09/12 02:42:34
YOYOSO India Bangalore Vega City Mall Opened Successfully!
-NEWS2019/09/11 02:07:55
YOYOSO opened Tera Mall store in Saudi Arabia with the high popularity, the development of Middle East market being accelerating!
-NEWS2019/09/09 02:47:02
YOYOSO opened the Benoni store grandly in South Africa!
-NEWS2019/09/07 01:59:57
YOYOSO Durbarmarg Store in Nepal Opened Grandly !
-NEWS2019/09/02 04:11:59
Grand Opening of YOYOSO Bryanston Store in South Africa !
-NEWS2019/09/02 04:00:15
YOYOSO Opens New Store in Mexico with A Bang!
-NEWS2019/08/24 02:54:51
YOYOSO Continues to Develop Steadily in Nepal Market
-NEWS2019/08/23 01:38:53
YOYOSO “Energy Explosion” Elite Store Manager Training Session Achieved a Great Success in the Philippines
-NEWS2019/08/23 01:34:15
A complete success of YOYOSO in 2019 China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair
-NEWS2019/07/30 03:11:01
[YOYOSO] Hot 2019 Shanghai department store exhibition,with new climax of retail department store!
-NEWS2019/07/28 03:38:29
YOYOSO has made a wonderful appearance at 113th China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair
-NEWS2019/07/26 01:06:37
YOYOSO Tbilisi store opened in Georgia,steadily forward on the Europe and Asia journey !
-NEWS2019/07/15 03:02:22
Grand Opening of YOYOSO Glen Field Store in New Zealand
-NEWS2019/06/20 01:33:30
Two YOYOSO Stores were Opened in Saudi Arabia,Blooming Growth in Middle East market !
-NEWS2019/06/20 01:31:58
Grand Opening of YOYOSO Marikina Store in the Philippines,Trigger Popularity with the Pop Star on the Scene
-NEWS2019/06/17 03:06:01
Grand Opening of YOYOSO Budapest Store in Hungary
-NEWS2019/06/13 01:34:12
Perfect Ending in 2019 Thailand Franchise Exhibition for YOYOSO,Acceleration of Southeast Asia Expansion Map
-NEWS2019/08/17 03:33:13
YOYOSO Bloomed in the 2019 Las Vegas International Consumer Goods & Gifts Fair in America in Spring
-NEWS2019/08/17 03:35:16
YOYOSO has made a wonderful appearance at the Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair with fully international style!
-NEWS2019/05/11 01:33:18
Hot opening of YOYOSO Store in Mexico Toluca in Mexico accelerate the development of the Northern
-NEWS2019/01/18 10:56:19
Grand Opening of YOYOSO COLONIA CENTRO store in Mexico Further Deepening the North American Market
-NEWS2019/01/18 10:49:48
YOYOSO in “112th China Daily-use Articles Trade Fair & China Modern Home Expo” Presents brilliantly and Attracts lots of fans !
-NEWS2019/01/18 10:37:28
YOYOSO Inks Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Tablez YOYOSO Stores will be in multiple locations across India
-NEWS2019/01/18 10:34:30
YOYOSO’s successful hand-in-hand with Georgia to accelerate the pace of brand internationalization
-NEWS2019/01/18 10:31:00
YOYOSO Leisure Department Store on Fast Track with Belt & Road Initiative
-NEWS2019/01/18 10:28:27
New Retail and Globalization – YOYOSO Joins Forces with UAE in Tapping into Middle East Market!
-NEWS2019/01/18 10:26:11
Grand Opening of YOYOSO Dubai Al Bada Flagship Store Causes Sensation in Middle East
-NEWS2019/01/18 10:22:36
With Grand Opening of Its Dubai Flagship Store, YOYOSO Shines in Middle East!
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:01:58
YOYOSO National Operational Implementation Hands-on Training Session Northeast China to Boost Teams and Double Sales
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:05:31
YOYOSO National Operational Implementation Hands-on Training Session Chongqing to Double Sales
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:04:32
Another Philippines Flagship Store of YOYOSO Triggers Shopping Frenzy in Fast Fashion!
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:03:58
Grand Opening of YOYOSO Second Cebu Store in Philippines Highly Popular and Celebrated by Myriad Local People!
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:05:01
Congratulations to YOYOSO Malaysia Store on Its Grand Opening
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:03:55
Grand Opening of YOYOSO Ayala Malls Flagship Store, Boosted by Performing Stars!
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:03:54
YOYOSO Vietnam Flagship Store Makes Its Brilliant Debut!
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:02:59
YOYOSO Philippines Flagship Store Triggers Shopping Frenzy in Its Grand Opening!
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:02:02
Congratulations to YOYOSO on Entering Brunei Market Successfully!
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:02:00
YOYOSO Signs Agreement in Vietnam in High Profile, Plans to Open Two Stores by End of March
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:03:57
Grand Opening of YOYOSO Philippines First Cebu Store, Flooded with Enthusiastic Shoppers!
-NEWS2019/01/05 11:04:30